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Seize the day, Never Surrender

Posted in University by lightyourselfonfire on January 12, 2009

Well its been a while since my last post, all in good reason bearing in mind with the amount of work I have, however i felt i just needed to get a few words down to day to fulfill my inner blogger!

Today was my dissertation proposal hand in, I feel it went well as opposed to my previous essays and I actually finished a good day or 2 before the hand in as opposed to the times last year I was finalizing work with 8 hours to go, I suppose this year Ive learnt the true values of time management.

Now, in relation to my o2 YCN brief, this weekend I spent an hour walking around Warrington market with a laptop in my bag running proximity marketing software known as bluevertise. I wanted to use a research method I developed in my second year which was the “fly on the wall” method where Id assess people behavious, What i was looking for was wether people instantly grabbed their phones once I had passed them, Altough this method isnt completely accurate as by coincidence people may be texting or making a call, I feel it does bear some impact on my results; Of wihch i shall post at a later date.

Anyway i’ve had my little fullfillment for today, despite it being all over the palce and really random, and I shall leave you with this! This is the video keeping me plodding on through the thick and thin of my uni work and i feel it will help all you other students too!


Self Promotional CD

Posted in University by lightyourselfonfire on December 17, 2008

Today, a lot like yesterday I spent the majority of every hour working on my self promotional cd package. I decided the best way to go about this was execute my CV in the form of the mini booklet inside my album which would also work as a pullout poster (A technique we had drilled into us during our early university years!). My poster shown a sample of select work in an aesthetically pleasing way, heres 2 mockups of which I’m quite happy with so far.

Front Cover/CV Sample Poster
I’m hoping to finalize my idea by tomorrow evening in then thursday I should be able to get my work printed.
Once I have my final product, (im looking at getting 15 printed) Im going to send them out to every reputable design agency in the north west. Next wednesday I will then visit each of these agencies and literally walk in with my portfolio and request a meeting with the managing director; I plan on asking what they thought of my idea and whether they would look at taking me on a placement as an option.

In other news now im nearly coming to the end of 1984, a book of which im reading in terms of research for my university dissertation. My dissertation will discuss whether or not Idependance is being stamped out in modern day culture as it was in 1984, I will then go on to discuss similarities from the book and modern day culture and hopefully put forward a valid argument as too why this is happening.

more posts soon!x