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Seize the day, Never Surrender

Posted in University by lightyourselfonfire on January 12, 2009

Well its been a while since my last post, all in good reason bearing in mind with the amount of work I have, however i felt i just needed to get a few words down to day to fulfill my inner blogger!

Today was my dissertation proposal hand in, I feel it went well as opposed to my previous essays and I actually finished a good day or 2 before the hand in as opposed to the times last year I was finalizing work with 8 hours to go, I suppose this year Ive learnt the true values of time management.

Now, in relation to my o2 YCN brief, this weekend I spent an hour walking around Warrington market with a laptop in my bag running proximity marketing software known as bluevertise. I wanted to use a research method I developed in my second year which was the “fly on the wall” method where Id assess people behavious, What i was looking for was wether people instantly grabbed their phones once I had passed them, Altough this method isnt completely accurate as by coincidence people may be texting or making a call, I feel it does bear some impact on my results; Of wihch i shall post at a later date.

Anyway i’ve had my little fullfillment for today, despite it being all over the palce and really random, and I shall leave you with this! This is the video keeping me plodding on through the thick and thin of my uni work and i feel it will help all you other students too!