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O2 + Feel Good Campaigns

Posted in Uncategorized by lightyourselfonfire on December 21, 2008

So today I’ve read near enough 200 pages from Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson.
Ive been reading this book in regards to my Feel Good Drinks Uni campaign which is to raise peoples awareness of the company.

From my research I’ve gathered that despite being around since 2001 and possessing a quality product the company are still relatively unknown in regards to the general population.

On the brief the notes state they don’t have masses of capital to play with such as the likes of Coca Cola and Pepsi and so I feel that a “Guerrilla” campaign is going to be most beneficial  to the company.  The campaign has to be something viral which is going to catch on and spread like wildfire (Such as or something which will cause a stir and gain recognition, however the latter has to be carefully thought out as such events have backfired, I read about a road safety/drinks campaign in California where classmates were told some of their peers were dead as a “shock tactic”; as you can guess when the truth had gotten out there was a huge uproar and angst by the students and their families alike (You can read the article here .

One thing I picked upon in Guerrilla marketing is that for a campaign to be successful there are 16 effecting factors, the main one being Commitment to a marketing campaign. (Marlboro was initially seen as a female brand of cigarettes and to dispose of this view a marketing campaign involving cowboys was put in place which took a good 30 years to change the minds of the people in America). In regards to this I feel the strategies I conjure up to raise awareness have to be  span out and work consistently over a period of 3 months, this then attributes the fact that consistency breeds familiarity which in turn breeds sales.

On Another note now my research into the O2 project has thrown up an “Aha!” moment; Whilst brainstorming ideas as to what possible strategies I could take forward, one Key idea arose which gave me a good feeling of which i havent had too many of as late!; Im not going to post my ideas on here however as I dont want to jeopardize my project and give other raders an insight into my idea which they could go on and 1 better!

inabit! x


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