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Professional Practice

Posted in Uncategorized by lightyourselfonfire on December 12, 2008

Okay so this is my first University related post and its in regards to my professional practice module which literally assesses us on how we go about developing a knowledge of the professional industry.

Im currently working part time at a small design studio in my hometown for where I have been for the past 18 months; During my time their I feel I’ve developed a great understanding of all aspects of the industry from speaking with clients about their wants and needs to speaking witht he printers for the production of their final artefacts. However as I’ve been with the company so long I feel im starting to become a bit of a mac monkey and feel I need top challenge myself at a greater level.

In response to this, over the Christmas period i plan on producing self promotional “CD’s” which will be a “gimmick/play” on my name Liam Gallagher. My cds will be produced in the style of a music CD and titled Liam Gallagher’s Greatest hits to which I will give out to potential employers. My CD will contain A selection of my greatest works and also a copy of my CV, however my cv will essentially become my “Inlay booklet”.
I feel this idea may portray my creativity to potential employers and also make me stand out from other competition, its also an example of Professional practice as it shows I understand the complete process of print fromstart to finish.


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