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Starting from the bottom.

Posted in Random by lightyourselfonfire on November 22, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to my first of many blogs which will give you insight into the way I function and the world of Design, I will also be using this as my personal development diary on which I’ll document such events which will help me reflect upon critically in the future.  

Anyway as this is my first blog I guess im best introducing myself!. If you didnt see in my biography or on my website( my name is Liam Gallagher, im 20 years old and in my 3rd year at Chester University studying Graphic Design. 

I guess its safe to say I never imagined myself going “solely” in 1 direction in life, and still I dont see it panning out that way. Im interested in basically everything; I want to see everything and travel as far out as I can, In the next few years I plan on travelling the world before settling down for a few years in switzerland, I know this may seem farfetched but it WILL happen. 

Anyway, as you have probably already noted im not the most “literate” of characters (despite getting a B grade in english GCSE!) and so im going to end my first post here and have a good long hard think about my next posts before posting on a whim!. 

Yours sincerely, Liamx


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